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Steph Battley

Office Manager

Stephanie Battley

Steph joined Lynn Murray & Co in early 2018 – venturing back into office life after 15 years of bringing up her two boys, running her own internet shop, training as a seamstress and a brief stint in retail. There is literally nothing that Steph won’t put her hand to!

The obviously self-labelled “Head of Happiness”, Steph is front of shop, being the person who will greet you with a smile when you visit the office and more than likely the first person you will speak to on the phone when you call. She might even make you a cup of the best coffee in Cranleigh if you’re lucky!

Along with the day to day smooth running of the office and under her “Head of Happiness” umbrella, Steph now prides herself in holding a pivotal role in the organisation of the epic Lynn Murray & Co Christmas and Summer Parties. Put this together with her making sure that the Partner’s lunchtimes are never knowingly under-catered and we think it’s safe to say Steph has a BRILLIANT job!

Little Known Fact: A keen cyclist, Steph once won a slow bike race! She is also a Telegraph Crossword Champion*

*(again, this is self-labelled)